Podcast Monday: Hear experts from Freshfields and Luminance discussing legal AI

Top experts from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Luminance and Artificial Lawyer discuss the future of the legal profession or how legal tech will change the way we work within the next two years.

Discover more at https://www.artificiallawyer.com/ and https://www.luminance.com/


Change as a threat or change as an opportunity?

 Rather than portraying the technological advances as a man vs. machine battle, we should learn to adjust, adapt and use these changes to our advantage. Because one thing is certain, “Technology is changing the old legal order.” Check out this Forbes article by Mark Cohen and decide which side of the game you want to be on!

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Ready for robot lawyers? How students can prepare for the future of law

One cannot discuss the future of the legal profession without including the younger generation of lawyers. Preparation is key to a sustainable future within and alongside technological advances, such as robot lawyers. This is why LTIA seeks to support and educate law students via workshops and think tanks, to raise awareness and enable skills necessary for tomorrow’s lawyers. 

As long as we are aware of the changes innovation will bring, disruption can be turned into opportunity! “Complex areas of statutory law, like tax, will benefit from technology’s superior processing skills – but humans will probably always be better at negotiating deals, mediating disputes, or making ethical judgments.”( The Guardian )