What we can offer you:


The Legal Tech Initiative Austria was founded as an association in support of technological advances within the legal sector. In order to guarantee the transition to a new legal future, awareness has to be raised and knowledge made generally accessible. With the organization of regular lectures and panel discussions on current topics from the industry, LTIA contributes to the promotion of knowledge, while linking open-minded lawyers and (young) entrepreneurs from the IT industry.

Think Tank

At the same time, the aim is to promote the emergence and development of new technologies within the framework of think tanks. Here, developers and lawyers will be brought together to discuss the need for innovations and their technical feasibility across all professional levels. In analyzing the work flows of the average lawyer and the potential for automatization, these discussions are intended as a starting point for the implementation of innovative ideas.


Looking to the future, we need to draw attention to the upcoming changes in order to educate the new generation of lawyers accordingly. LTIA therefore offers legal workshops with a tech focus to High Schools and Universities, such as Coding 101 and Blockchain for lawyers. Awareness is key. We have the responsibility to prepare not only the current but also future generations of legal professionals.


Every Initiative requires movement. While collective brainstorming and the circulation of knowledge are vital ingredients in this process, we rely on the structures that enable us to work together efficiently. We invite you to support our cause.